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Helping Children Focus and Follow Instructions

In this video you will learn three visual aids that can help children in paying attention and following instructions. You will also see a demo of these strategies.

This information could be helpful for parents and caregivers, and it could also assist professionals working with these children, such as teachers, mental health, speech and occupational therapists; among others.

Link with additional information about how to use visual aids and with the printables of the “First-Then chart” and images of daily routine activities:

Duration map printable:

Session Schedule printable:

Self-adhesive velcro dots from Amazon (These are to use with the printed visual aids):

Images with daily routine activities from Amazon:

Magnetic daily routine images from Amazon:

Magnetic dry erase board 8.5 x 11 from Amazon (for short visual routines and/or to tape “First-Then” chart and duration map):

Magnetic dry erase board 11 x 14 from Amazon (for longer visual routines):

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