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Why is Play Important?

In this video you will find information about why play is important during the lifespan, including the benefits of play for children’s cognitive, emotional, social, motor and language development. You will also find ideas on how to incorporate play into your life and some reflections about how to think about play in the life of children.

Resources and Links

This is the link for the book “Play. How It Shapes The Brain, Opens The Imagination, And Invigorates The Soul” by Stuart Brown:

These are links to other books that I used to gather information about the benefits of play in children:

“The Play Therapy Primer” by Kevin J. O’Connor:

“Reaching Children Through Play Therapy. An Experiential Approach” by Carol Crowell Norton and Byron E. Norton:

“Play Therapy. The Art of the Relationship” by Garry L. Landreth:

This is a link to a short video about 8 play personalities that Stuart Brown described in his book “Play”. It might help you identify the things that enlighten you:

This is a link to an interesting book about the link of play and motor and cognitive development in children. “A moving child is a learning child: How the body teaches the brain to think” by Gill Comell and Cheryl McCarthy:

This is a link to an article by Stuart Brown where he talks about the importance of play in times of pandemic: “Play is a universal gift of nature in times of challenge and stress”:

This is a link to a recent article in Psychology Today about teachers and parents’ perceptions of the importance of play during school:

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