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Helping Children Name Their Feelings

This video is part of the series “Developing Self-regulation Skills”. In this video I will talk about the importance of helping children name their emotions, and how this helps integrate both sides of the brain in order to develop a more self-regulated response. I will describe how to use “The Color Monster” book and game from the author Anna Llenas to help children learn about feelings, and different free printables that you can use to explore the content of the book and to help children learn more about emotions.

Resources and Links


1. Ann Meehan’s printables that include a sheet with the color monster and a sheet with all the jars to invite the child to color the different feelings he is experiencing that day:

2. Feelings jars with the different intensities:






3. Feelings jars to assist the child in expanding his/her vocabulary about feelings:

4. Feelings posters where you can find different feelings and a sheet with the different sizes in the feeling to assist the child in identifying how big is their feeling that day:

RESOURCE TO WATCH: “The Color Monster Read Aloud:


“The Color Monster” book:

“The Color Monster Game”:

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